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When you are diagnosed with late-stage, incurable cancer, you think immediately of your children. You realize the many future memories you looked forward to with your children-the birthday parties, the first crush, learning to drive, going out to the ball park, graduations, weddings, grandchildren will not be realized as they were supposed to. This is the most anguishing & distressing facet of late stage cancer its impact on the children left behind by a parent who dies.

JAJF ensures the children and their Mom and Dad capture indispensable memories together that will be both a return to some normalcy now and a legacy to cherish. We have and are securing a wide range of "WOW! Inventory" defined as: shared family experiences such as VIP status, special access, privileged guest appearances/tours, tickets, perks, and meet and greets.

WOW! Experiences™ include resorts, award shows, concerts, professional and college sports, all-star games, The NBA Draft, theme parks and attractions, Broadway, etc.

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