West Family

Tom West : 9/6/1969 - 3/3/2011

To the supporters and anyone contemplating supporting JAJF:

My name is Cyndee West. JAJF graciously hosted our family to a timeout from our late stage cancer recently. My husband Tom was diagnosed in 11/08 at the age of 38 with stage 4 colorectal cancer and when treatments and surgery were no longer an option we knew his time here on earth was limited. We discovered JAJF and were treated to the most amazing WOW! Experience.

Tom passed away a few weeks ago. His death has left a hole in our hearts but the many wonderful, fresh memories we have of him helped us (and still help us) make it through. I want you each to know the memories we made as a family together were a true gift. The words ‘thank you’ are just not powerful enough to extend our sincere gratitude for the trip of a lifetime and memories of a lifetime. Ethan, Alexandra and I will always have Tom in our hearts and in the cherished photos provided by JAJF.

Please support JAJF so they can treat more families. It is a vital, essential part of late stage cancer treatment……

Cyndee West in loving memory of Tom (Dad).

Thank you voice message:

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